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This update is over 30 days old.

Thanks all for your offers! We won't be reaching out to all of you until we need you - the people who need your help will be given your contact details and will contact you directly. Please be as specific as possible with what you have available.

Ie people offering to help with water transport will need: ute, tank, pump, hose for us to be able to use you.

people offering with just a ute/transport - I will hook you up with people who need help with transport that is away from the fires.

Anyone considering heading into the fire zones without training and FULL safety gear please don't.

Food, and fire fighting equipment: non-perishables only, please. Easy pre-packaged meals and snacks are best - home-cooked food needs refrigeration or heating that isn't available. The Manning Valley Emergency Support facebook page has a live list of requirements for immediate on the ground collection and list of drop-off points. https://www.facebook.com/manningvalleyemergency

All clothing/linen/home rebuilding offers are great but for right now all the storage places are full with these items HOWEVER we will be more likely to need this stuff in a month when people regain access to their houses/start rebuilding and have somewhere to put the new bed etc. So please log your offer and list what you have and it will be very helpful if you can store them for now. We will contact you or put you in contact directly with the people who need it when the time comes.

Anybody offering assistance with general labour and skills these are great and will likely come up so please list your offer and what you can help with and as the need comes in we can allocate you a job.

You're all wonderful! Thank you for your support.


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